Victory for India, as it gets included in the G-7 group of developed countries.

India will now be included in the member countries of the G-7 group of developed countries. On Saturday, US President Donald Trump proposed to expand it. This expansion includes two countries in Asia – India, and South Korea. Apart from this, Trump has said to make Australia and Russia a member of this organization. This is a major diplomatic victory for India. US President Donald Trump said the need of the hour is to expand the group. Although President Trump has postponed the G-7 meeting due to the Corona epidemic, it is certain that Asia’s equations will definitely change if India joins the group. After this decision, Pakistan and China are sure to get chilly.

The G-7 is the world’s seven largest conglomerates of countries with developed and advanced economies. This includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, and USA. It is also called Group of 7. China, despite being the second-largest economy in the world, is not a part of this group, as the per capita income is much lower than the G7 group countries.

The names of the countries involved in this organization are-

United States, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Germany and Japan.

 Such a foundation: The European Union is also represented at the G-7 summit. In the 1970s, when the global economic downturn and the oil crisis were increasing, the then President of France, Balérie Giscord d’Estaing, laid the foundation stone of the G-7. The G-7 was formed in 1975. Then there were only six founding countries. Canada was not involved. The conference was first held in 1975 in the city of Rumboille, near the French capital, Paris. In 1976, Canada was added to the group. The group was then named G-7. The G-7 is an informal organization. It has neither a headquarters nor a charter or secretariat.

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