Good News ! Big development on corona virus, now corona test will be only 10 minutes

NEW DELHI  An American scientist of Indian origin has developed a test that will know whether the corona suspect is positive in just 10 minutes. In the test developed by scientists of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Covid 19 changes its color due to being infected with it. The special thing is that no high-quality lab is required to do this test. However, Professor Dipanjan Pan, who studies it, believes that if the infected person is infected, additional studies are needed for him. They tell that their specialists take samples from the patient’s nose at once by a simple procedure, which takes about ten minutes.

This test is done to detect proteins. This protein is part of the genetic sequence found in COVID 19 itself. According to Dr. Pan, when the bio-sensor binds the gene sequence of the virus. It is present in detecting the virus in any person. If this virus is actually present in you then it indicates that you are infected.

Professor Dipanjan Pan plans to have a meeting with the US Food and Drug Administration next month to discuss the authority and requirement to do this test in an emergency. Assistant Scientist Matthew Freeman said that this RNA-based test is very good at detecting viruses.

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