First death from Corona in Yavatmal, Maharashtra, and Woman dies

Yavatmal : The number of corona patients has reached 125 in the Yavatmal district of Maharashtra. There was not even a single one here. However, today a woman died of the corona. After which there was chaos in the entire campus. This is the first death recorded in Yavatmal. So far, 99 people have recovered from Corona. However, today’s news shook everyone.

According to the information, the condition of the woman was very serious from the beginning. The doctors were also giving her special treatment. Teams of doctors were constantly trying to save them from midnight but, she was having trouble breathing. Due to which she died. After the incident, the administration has said that the citizens of the district are requested to visit the nearest COVID care center, COVID health center, and government health institute as soon as any symptoms of corona are seen. Or call the toll free number. So that there is an ease in treating the infected patient.

Citizens should also not be negligent in this regard. The administration has also appealed to the citizens to be vigilant and strictly follow all the orders of the administration. The district now has 25 active cases of Corona.

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