Domino’s Pizza Delivery Boy Shared This Famous Actress’ Number on Adult Group And…

New Delhi : Tamil actress Gayatri Sai got into trouble due to a delivery boy. Gayatri Sai herself has shared her pain on Twitter. Actually, the Domino’s delivery boy had put her number one in the adult group. After which, she started getting constant calls. She has filed a complaint against the pizza delivery boy.

Gayatri Sai tweeted, “A Domino’s pizza delivery boy from Chennai’s Tenampet delivered pizza to my house in a drunk state and shared my number in several adult groups. After this, I am receiving many phone and WhatsApp messages.”

Actress Gayatri also tweeted a photo of the man. She also shared WhatsApp chat, in which people harassed her by messaging.

Actress Gayatri complained about this matter. The Chennai Police has transferred her case to All Women Station in Tenampet.

In this tweet, Gayatri wrote, ‘The commissioner called me and said that he is transferring this case to Women Protection. I hope other online apps do not share our numbers. Most of our orders are online nowadays. Complaint has been lodged in Tenampet.’

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