These are the 4 things that Kriti Sanon is missing while being at home

MUMBAI  Lockdown has been going on in the country for the last 2 months due to Corona virus. Bollywood celebs have also become bored living in their own homes with the common people. All are waiting for the lockdown to end and life to return to normal. Meanwhile, actress Kriti Sanon revealed that she is missing four things in lockdown.


These are the 4 things she is missing the most:

  1. She is  missing the film set very much. To perform, shooting and miss the feeling of being in front of the camera.
  2. She is missing very much to chill with friends. Also go to the theater and watch the film.
  3. Doing gym workouts. She miss being doing workouts at the gym.
  4. Misses Home Saloon Services a lot. She miss being pampered.

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