54 Years Ago, ‘This’ Lady Had ‘Invented’ Hand Sanitizer, Now Protecting the World From Coronavirus

New Delhi : Coronavirus, which originated from the city of Wuhan in China, has become a serious threat to the whole world today. Due to this, so many people have died, while millions of people are infected. Lockdown has been implemented in many countries including India to deal with this global epidemic, so that people do not get out of their homes and spread or get infected to the infection. People imprisoned in homes are also being repeatedly advised to wash their hands with soap. Also, hand sanitizer is playing an important role in preventing this virus. Today, hand sanitizer may have become common, but hardly you will know that it has been used for the last 54 years.

Do you know who created the first hand sanitizer and told the world how to use it? According to a report, the idea of making it first came in the year 1966 to a woman living in the city of Bakersfield in the US state of California named Lupe Hernandez.

Lupe was a nursing student. One day it suddenly came to her mind that what would happen if there is no soap and water to clean the hands before going to any patient or afterchecking their health. After this, she thought that why not make something that is different from soap and works without water, as well as to check if it works.

Lupe’s alcohol-containing gel worked. It also wiped out germs and there was no need to dry hands lafter the use. In this way, this ‘invention’ of Lupe slowly spread throughout the world and began to be used in large numbers. Very few people know lupe today. Nobody knows about her personal life nor does anyone know whether she is still alive or not. But her ‘invention’ is definitely benefiting the whole world.

In recent times, Lupe Hernandez’s name as ‘inventor’ of hand sanitizer is becoming very viral on social media. People from all over the world are thanking her, whose discovery has saved the lives of millions today and will continue even further.

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