If Indo-China War Happens, Who will be on Strong Side, Check the Military Comparison of Both Countries

New Delhi :These days the forces of China and India are facing each other in East Ladakh. Chinese President Xi Jinping has even told his army to be ready for war. India is also alert to the nefarious move of China, the focus is on strategic preparedness. A day earlier, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the blueprint of preparations against China from National Security Advisor Ajit Doval (NSA), CDS General Vipin Rawat and the presidents of the three armies. Let’s know that if India had a fight between China today, who will be on strong side.

According to a report by the International Institute of Strategic Studies, China has the highest number of 22,85,000 combat troops, India has 13,25,000. China has 1,669 fighter aircraft, including fighter planes such as J-11, J-10, Sukhoi-30 JH-7. At the same time, India has about 1,380 fighter aircraft. India’s has Sukhoi, Mirage, MiG-29, MiG-27, MiG-21 Jaguars.

While China has other missiles of Dang Feng-5 with a range of 13 thousand kilometers, the Indian Army has supersonic cruise missiles BrahMos, Agni, Prithvi, Akash Nag. The technology of BrahMos is the most modern, it can be prepared to fire in just 5 minutes. China has 75 warships, India has 27. China has 150 to 200 nuclear weapons and India has 50 to 90 nuclear weapons.

Let’s us have a detailed look…

1. Defense Budget
India: US$ 70 billion in Feb. 2020
China: US$177.61 billion in June 2019

2. Total Population
India: 1.36 billion
China: 1.43 billion

3. Total manpower
India : 61.6 million
China : 75 million

4. People Fit for the job
India: 49 million
China: 62 million

5. The manpower ready for the military (every year)
India: 23 million
China: 19 million

6. Total Active Army
India: 13.25 lacs
China: 23.35 lacs

7. Number of Total Atomic Bombs
India: 120 to 130
China: 270 to 300

8. Aircraft (all types)
India: 2663
China: 3749

9. Helicopter
India: 646
China: 802

10. Attack Helicopter
India: 19
China: 200

11. Airports (serviceable)
India: 346
China: 507

12. Total Tanks
India: 6464
China: 9150

13. Major Ports/Terminals
India: 7
China: 15

14. Merchant Marine strength
India: 340
China: 2,030

15. Mine Warfare Craft
India: 6
China: 4

16. Towed Artillery
India: 7414
China: 6246

17. Submarines
India: 14
China: 68

18. Fleet strength
India: 295
China: 714

19. Aircraft Carrier
India: 2
China: 1

20. Frigates
India: 14
China: 48

21. Destroyer Ships
India: 10
China: 32

22. Patrol Craft
India: 135
China: 138

23. Ballistic Missiles
India: 5000
China: 13000

24. Petroleum Production (per day)
India: 7.67 lac  bbl
China: 41.89 lac  bbl

25. Petroleum consumption (per day)
India: 35.10 lac bbl
China: 1.01 cr. bbl

After reading the data above, it can be said as a summary that India is far behind China in almost all defence equipment/aspects.

China has made a lot of money because of the progress of its manufacturing sector and spent a large portion of this money in refining its military power.

So, if India has to establish a balance of power in South Asia, it will first have to reduce its dependence on imported defence equipment by having more and more ‘Made in India’ defence products.

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