How to stay safe when using online casinos

Although there are many reasons to choose an online casino – the choice of games, the pay-outs on offer, the bonuses and promotions available – for any responsible gambler safety should be top of their list. That means knowing not that their money is safe and protected, but also that their personal information is secure as well, and is free from hacking or being shared with third parties.

Therefore it is recommended that, before risking one cent of their money, a prospective gambler should do their research first. That may deter some people because of the research involved. However, using an information site like offers a valuable shortcut, because it summarises much of the key data about Indian online casinos

Here are some of the key factors to consider.


Always make sure that an online casino has a gambling licence issued by a reputable country. A licence indicates that an operator is trustworthy and is committed to a fair gaming policy. It is also a sign that they are transparent in what they do, and that their software adheres to recognised safety standards.

In addition, a bank will not open a merchant account for them without a licence. If they pass the due diligence checks required to open a bank account nowadays, then you can know they are above board.

Although different countries issue gaming licences. Choose casinos with one issued by a European jurisdiction where possible as they have the most stringent conditions e.g. the UK , Malta, Italy, or Denmark.


Like any online system, a player needs to know that their personal data is safe, and that starts with their log-in information. Make sure that when you are provided with a password that the operator encrypts and stores it in a database with appropriate security controls in place. Ask what level of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption they use before signing-up. Anything less than 128 SSL – which is what most commercial banks use – is not good enough.

Equally ascertain what personal data is being held about you and how this is protected.

Secure Payment Methods

Another essential is to make sure that you use a secure payment method such as Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. Not only do these platforms offer security but they offer a degree of fraud protection that some of the newer payment gateways lack.

Some might argue that cryptocurrencies offer security and anonymity as they are decentralised and allow for virtual instant transfer with no possibility of being hacked. Whilst this is true, there needs to be absolute trust that an online casino is safe and reliable because, once the money has been transferred it cannot be recovered.

Customer Care

Being able to contact a casino 24.7 is important and a sign of their willingness to cooperate with their customers, not just when they want your money.  What options do they offer to contact them – phone, email, live chat etc. and what is their guaranteed response times when it comes to queries? 

Terms and Conditions

The expression “the devil in the detail” is never truer than when it comes to the terms and conditions (T&Cs) of an online casino. Are there any hidden charges that you incur when opening an account or which will affect the amount of your pay-out?  Are promotion and reward schemes freely available or do you have to incur a minimum spend first?

Again this comes back to honesty and transparency, and, ultimately, trust. 

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