Havoc of Coronavirus in Pune, 10 Deaths in 24 Hours, 399 New Cases, 264 People Died So Far

Pune : There has been an increase in corona patients in Mumbai and Pune for the last few days. Today 399 positive cases were found in Pune. According to the information, 399 corona positive patients were found in Pune. While 10 people died. The good thing was that 175 people recovered from Corona. So far, 264 people have died of corona in Pune. 179 patients are serious. They are undergoing treatment.

At the same time, 44 patients have been put on ventilator. Treatment is going on. The total number of positive patients in Pune has reached 5181. According to the information, the number of active patients in Pune is 2182. 1723 people were tested. In Sassoon, 11 Corona patients are being treated, 329 in Naidu and 59 in private hospitals.

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