Shramik Special Trains Going to UP From MH Lost Its Way, Ends Up in Odisha

Gorakhpur : Two major problems have come to light with Shramik Special trains bringing migrant laborers to UP. Both these trains lost their way. A train going to Ballia wandered in Maharashtra for 25 hours, while the other train from Mumbai to Odisha Bihar reached Gorakhpur in 60 hours. According to the information received, the train continued to wander in the wrong direction. First it reached Jharkhand, then Bihar, West Bengal and then Odisha.

A train left for Gorakhpur from Vasai Road railway station in Maharashtra. The 1,399 passengers aboard it will remember this journey as it took 60 hours to reach Gorakhpur which usually takes 25 hours. The Shramik Special train from Vasai Road station on Thursday reached platform number nine of Gorakhpur, the passengers breathed a sigh of relief. Actually, on Friday, this train was diverted towards Rourkela in Odisha due to which the 25-hour journey became 60 hours of unannounced harassment.

At the same time, the second train was going from Goa to Ballia. This train also wandered in Maharashtra and reached Ballia on Sunday for about 25 hours late.The train, which left from Karmali in Goa for Ballia on Thursday, reached Ballia on Sunday. Sanjay Chauhan and Awadh Kumar, residents of Mau district, traveling by train, said that this train from Goa had left on its scheduled time on Thursday. While leaving from Goa, he got food and water there. He told that the train went from Nagpur to Itarsi from Bhusaval in Maharashtra. After this, the train continued to wander on different routes of Maharashtra. Later the train reached Itarsi when the driver knew the correct route.

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