Now Robot will Give Shock to Social Distancing Breakers, Wondering How? Read Here

Varanasi : New experiments and research are being done to bring the fight to the corona virus to its end. A young man from Varanasi has also taken a step in this direction. He has designed a robot to protect people against Corona, which will not only protect the soldiers, but will also give a ‘current’ to the ‘lockdown’ breakers.

Vishal Patel, a third-year student of mechanical engineering at Ashoka Institute in Varanasi has developed an ‘Anti-COVID-19 Robot’. The feature of this robot is that it can walk comfortably even in bumpy places smoothly which is not usually seen in the robot. Experts believe that this will not only work in congested areas of cities, but also in rural areas where the police cannot reach, it can prove more effective.

Vishal Patel, who built an Anti-COVID-19 Robot under the supervision of his senior Shyam Chaurasia, claims that the device is also a security shield for police personnel engaged in security. Not only this, it will help the police in action against those who break the lockdown. If this robot is adopted, the police will be able to follow the social distancing with less . With this robot, policemen will not have to go to the crowded area. It will reduce the risk of infection and they will be able to do their duty comfortably through this robot.

Vishal claims that the ‘Anti-COVID-19 Robot’ will prove to be a very effective in maintaining social distancing. The moving camera, remote and through the Internet, this device can be controlled by two-way calling and sitting in a police station in lockdown.

Anti-COVID-19 robots capable of moving in every direction, also it will be able to give shock to the social distancing breakers using safe current.

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