Lady Teacher Gave Examples of Pakistan to Teach English, Wrote – ‘Pakistan is Our Beloved Motherland’

Gorakhpur : There has been controversy over the examples given by the 4th class lady teacher of GN Public School in the city to explain ‘noun’ on WhatsApp group for online teaching. The teacher has given many examples about Pakistan, to which parents have objected. However, seeing the matter catching on, the teacher removed the message.

In order to explain the noun, teacher Shadab Khanam gave some such examples, ‘Pakistan is our beloved motherland’. ‘I will join the Pakistani Army’ and ‘Rashid Minhad was a brave soldier.’ As soon as some parents saw this on group, they took screenshots and it immediately went viral. There is anger among parents about this.

‘My aim was to explain the noun to the children in an easy way. For this, I searched Google and found the smallest example. I did not see whether it is Pakistan, China or America. When I later came to my knowledge that it has hurt the feeling of people, I immediately changed it.’ – Shadab Khanam, teacher

‘As soon as the matter came to my notice, I asked the teacher about it. She has admitted that she made a mistake. I have given her notice. Further action will be taken after clarification.’ – Goraksh Pratap Singh, Manager, GN Public School

Management stopped the teacher from work
The school management has strongly condemned the objectionable example given by Shadab Khanam regarding Pakistan during online teaching. The school management, apart from stopping the teacher from teaching, constituted a committee to investigate the matter. In a statement issued by the school management, it is said that ‘This crime of the teacher is unforgivable. Teaching work is permitted only by observing the certified books by NCERT. We have to respect our nationality at all levels. Whoever conducts against it will be acted upon.’

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