Haji Abid Sayyed, Messiah for the Needy in Lockdown, Who Has been Providing Food to About 2000 People for Two Months, Distributed 10,000 Liter Milk on Eid

Pune : There has been a lockdown in the entire country including Pune for the last two months. In such a situation, the daily wage workers, poor and needy people are very much troubled and disappointed. Many people are not getting even a two-time meal. In such a situation, Haji Abid Sayyed, resident of Kondhwa, Pune city, is proved a Messiah for all those needy people in difficult time. Abid has been distributing free food to about 2000 people every day for the last two months.

Haji Abid Sayyed said that if the God has given us something and with this, if  we can help the poor and needy, then of course we should help them. Zakat is given special importance in Islam, so serving the needy is the religion of every Muslim. On the holy occasion of Eid, Abid is celebrating Eid with 2000 people by distributing 10 thousand liters of milk, Sukhameva, fruits etc.

Abid believes that if a festival is celebrated in everyone’s house, only then it is the real festival. Due to this thought, he always remembers the poor and needy on every such occasion. Abid thanked the police administration for this. He said that he got a lot of support from the police administration for this noble cause due to which he was able to do such a big job successfully.

Abid said, ‘Today the whole country is celebrating Eid. But, this time Eid is different because we have corona virus this time. People are celebrating Eid in a careful manner, staying in homes and following social distancing, and  offering Namaz staying in homes.’

Abid wished Eid Mubarak to the entire country, including the people of Pune, on the occasion of Eid.

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