Deepika Padukone Exposes Ranveer During Live Chat, Ranveer Said – ‘Tu Ruk Abhi…’

Mumbai: The love story of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone is quite fairy-tale. Both came into this industry from outside Bollywood and both are a big name of Cinema today. Ranveer is often seen luring his love on Deepika, whether there is an award function or a press conference. But during a live chat on Sunday, Deepika revealed something about Ranveer that Ranveer was shocked and during the chat, was seen threatening her ‘Tujhe baad me dekhta hoon…’

On Sunday, footballer Sunil Chhetri interviewed Ranveer Singh in his live chat show ‘Eleven on Ten’. During this live chat, Ranveer told many stories of his life. But before the chat, Deepika had told some things to Sunil, Ranveer too was shocked after hearing the related questions. During this live chat, Deepika made many comments on Ranveer Singh. Deepika wrote in a comment during the chat, ‘I love you baby’ and finally she wrote, ‘Well played boys.’

During this chat, Sunil Chhetri asked Ranveer “I heard that you played badminton with Deepika and could only make 3 points and for those three points also Deepika said that she gave you those points because you are Prakash Padukone’s Son-in-law.”

On hearing this, Ranveer shouts ‘Baby …’ and as soon as he sees Deepika, Ranveer says in a threatening manner, ‘You are exposing me, tu ruk, tu ruk, batata hu me tujhe.’

It was also revealed in this chat that Ranveer, who used to come to every shooting of Deepika before marriage and used to take flowers every time for her, he has not prepared food till today. On the complaint of this matter, Ranveer himself told that he cannot make anything other than egg-bread. On this too, Deepika Padukone appeared from behind and said, ‘Make egg and show them.’

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