Luxury brands makes ‘Rainbow’ symbol of hope

By Puja GuptaNew Delhi, May 24 (IANSlife) Major brands like Cartier, Louis Vuitton and United Colors of Benetton have taken to social media to express rainbow as a symbol of hope in these trying times when the world is fighting a pandemic.Laurent Feniou, Managing Director of Cartier, LVMH group and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Global Artistic Director of United Colors of Benetton initiated a ‘Rainbow Challenge’ as a creative ray of hope and positive pillar across the globe.Jean-Charles de Castelbajac tells IANSlife: “In 1997, I have been committed by the Vatican to dress Pope John Paul II, 500 bishops, 5000 priests and 1 million of kids. I choose to dress them with the colors of the rainbow. At the end of this magic ceremony, the Pope told me “you have used colors as cement of faith”. For brands all over the world, today, only colours can united people in peace and no other brand can do it better than United Colors of Benetton”.The Italian brand, which is known for its colourful outfits, is sending out the message of unity through its posts on Instagram featuring its rainbow-inspired collection.The brand posted pictures of its stores in Italy and other places with a rainbow overhead to celebrate its re-opening after being closed for months due to the lockdown. “Our stores are open again, in Italy too. Enjoy shopping and let’s all respect the rules we already know,” read one of the captions. Laurent Feniou, Managing Director of Cartier, posted a picture of the Cartier building with rainbow shade in solidarity of the National Health Service of the UK and the healthcare workers who are at the forefront of the global battle against the pandemic COVID-19. “Whether it be by painting, writing, singing, dancing, photography, objects or any multi-media platform of your choice, this colourful show of appreciation will uplift and unite friends of the Maison during this global fight,” he captioned the picture.Adding: “All Friends of the Maison and their family are invited. Do not hesitate to post your artwork on #CartierOverTheRainbow…This art challenge will accompany our local charitable initiative for NHS Charities Together.”Louis Vuitton has also posted several pictures and videos that depict its interpretation of the seven colours. The French fashion house posted an animated video in which it has defined rainbow as “a stretch of the imagination”.”The rainbow, a stretch of the imagination. In 1925, Gaston-Louis Vuitton wrote “Let’s turn the street into a cheerful space”. Today, #LouisVuitton’s tradition of creative shop windows ensures as a perpetual invitation for the spirit of travel. As select stores begin to re-open around the world, hand-drawn rainbows by children and employees serve as welcoming beacons of hope during this uncertain time. #LV,” read the caption.While another video posted by LV features pictures of rainbows painted by the children of Louis Vuitton’s employees. The caption read: “A symbol of hope. Rainbows drawn by the children of #LouisVuitton employees have appeared across store windows worldwide as colourful beacons of joy during these challenging times.”It also posted a picture of Maison Louis Vuitton, Milano, Italy with rainbows drawn of its entry to celebrate the opening of its store. “Embarking on a new adventure. As select stores begin to re-open around the world, hand-drawn rainbows by children and employees serve as welcoming beacons of hope during this uncertain time. In a collaborative effort, all participants were encouraged to awaken their inner child and draw their own version of a rainbow. #LV #LouisVuitton,” the brand captioned the picture.Picture Source: Instagram(Puja Gupta can be contacted at [email protected])–IANSpg/tb/

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