Rahul Gandhi’s Video is More Drama & Less Sympathy, Congress is the Real Culprit of the Plight of Workers : Mayawati

New Delhi : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today released a video talking to the workers. BSP supremo Mayawati has reacted on this video. On Twitter, Mayawati has written that Rahul’s video of interaction with laborers looks more drama and lack of sympathy. Congress is the real culprit of the plight of workers. When the workers from the cities were returning home, Rahul Gandhi talked to them in front of the camera and today the video of this entire conversation has been released on social media.

Mayawati tweeted, “Congress is the real culprit of the plight of crores of migrant workers across the country amid Corona lockdown because during their long regime after independence, if proper arrangements of livelihood were made in the villages / cities then why did they have to migrate to other states?”

Mayawati wrote in another tweet, “The video of a Congress leader sharing the grief and pain of some workers who were victims of the lockdown seems less sympathy and more drama. It would have better if congress had said they helped workers when they meet them.”

In this video, Rahul Gandhi has pleaded to give Rs 7500 to everyone, seeking justice for the crores of families facing difficulty in the coronavirus epidemic. The video was released on various social media platforms of Congress.

In Rahul Gandhi’s voice this video highlights the difficulties of the workers. This 17-minute video showed the pain of migrant laborers during the lockdown. Significantly, after the closure of trains and buses due to lockdown, migrant laborers had to leave for their hometown on foot. Many laborers also died in accidents at various places.

In this video, the former Congress president said that justice should be given to the poor and laborers and Rs 7500 to each of the country’s 13 million economically weaker families. On May 16, Rahul Gandhi met these migrant laborers near Sukhdev Vihar flyover in Delhi.

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