Most Cases of COVID-19 will Come Between June 21-28, Lockdown will Have to Continue Even After May 31

New Delhi : A study by a team of researchers said that between 21 and 28 June, the maximum number of 7,000-7,500 cases of corona virus infection is expected every day. The study estimated that by the end of June, cases of COVID-19 will continue to increase.

Nandadulal Bairagi, a senior professor at Jadavpur University involved in the research, said that from the second week of July, infection cases would start to decrease every day. Measures to prevent infection, increased investigation, are expected to reduce the cases by October. Bairagi, professor and convener of the Center for Mathematical Biology and Ecology (BMBE) at Jadavpur University, and five other researchers have done the research.

The study related to the case of COVID-19 was analyzed in a study on the mathematical format approved by the Science and Engineering Research Board, Government of India. Bairagi said that in the first week of October, there will be five lakh cases in the country and after that it will start to decline. He said that many people would be infected by coming in contact with patients without symptoms. For this reason, cases of infection will increase.

The senior researcher said that due to no medicines and vaccines, India would have to continue the nationwide lockdown to prevent infection, considering measures to resume economic activity.

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