Father Brutally Stabbed to Death by His Son During Group Zoom Chat 

New York : A man was murdered by his son while attending a Zoom Meeting in the US. According to reports, the virtual meeting became fatal when an American was killed by his son in a suburb of New York. At that time deceased man was participating in a zoom video meeting with about 20 other people. While 72-year-old Dwight Powers was on a zoom chat with several people, he was attacked by his 32-year-old son Thomas Scully-Powers.

Thomas stabbed his father 15 times with knife

Several members of the video chat called 911 after the incident. Police said in a statement that Thomas Scully Powers ran away from the house after stabbing him but was quickly caught by authorities and charged with second-degree murder. He is still undergoing treatment, so a court date has not yet been set. Investigators’ statements said the son hit his father about 15 times and used a kitchen knife.

The report quoted District Attorney Tim Sini as saying, “This is a shocking and disturbing case.” The defendant himself admitted that he brutally killed his own father, stabbing him until he was certain that he was dead. The investigation into this gruesome murder is still going on, but we assure that we will get justice for the victim.” The police credited those who were on the video call for quickly warning the authorities that some was wrong.

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