Congress Asks Govt. to Give ₹ 7500 to All Families Outside Income Tax Category For 6 Months

New Delhi : On Friday, the Congress Party met with more than 20 opposition parties. In this meeting, opposition parties discussed the coronavirus and the economic package announced by the government. After issuing a statement after the meeting, the Congress asked that all the families outside the income tax area should be given a direct cash transfer of 7,500 per month for six months and paid equally over the remaining five months with immediate payment of Rs 10,000.

The Congress party said that the government has failed to discharge its responsibilities in a timely, effective and sensitive manner. The Congress party said that grand announcements have been made on behalf of the government, but it is nothing to alleviate the sufferings of the people and the pressing concerns of trade and commerce, MSME and industry, farmers-laborers, migrants and other workers.

The Congress said that opposition parties represent more than 60 percent of the people of India. Therefore, we appeal to the government to listen to and consider the 11 demands. The Congress demanded that direct cash transfer of Rs 7500 per month for six months should be made to the families living outside the income tax category. The Congress demanded that all these families be paid Rs 10,000 immediately.

Apart from this, the Congress Party demanded free distribution of 10 kg of food grains every month for the next six months to all needy persons. The Congress demanded that the wages given under MNREGA be 200 days and adequate budget support. Not only this, the Congress Party demanded free transportation of all migrant workers to their hometown. The Congress also demanded immediate and reliable arrangements to save all Indian students and other citizens stranded abroad.

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