China Seeks Support of India for Its New Draconian Law to ‘Control’ Hong Kong Protesters

Beijing : China has sought the support of India and other countries over its controversial decision to impose a new national security law on Hong Kong, saying it aims to contain the ‘separatist’ forces in this former British colony ho have posed a ‘serious threat’ to the country’s national security and sovereignty. To blunt the edge of any international backlash, China has written to India and other countries clarifying the reasons for the new draft law, saying that “Maintaining national security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is purely an internal matter of China.”

China on Friday introduced a draft of the controversial national security law in Hong Kong to strengthen its control over Hong Kong. It is considered a major setback for Hong Kong’s regional autonomy and private freedom since 1997. Hong Kong came under China rule only in 1997. Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. There has been ‘one country two laws’ since Britain handed over sovereignty of Hong Kong to China on 1 July 1997. In this system he got some freedoms which the rest of China does not have.


China wrote this in a letter sent to many countries

In the letter to various countries, China has said, “Your country has had close economic and trade cooperation with Hong Kong and a mutual relationship between the people of both.” Hong Kong’s prosperity and long-term stability is in keeping with the common interests of the entire international community and the legitimate interests of your country in Hong Kong. We hope that your government will understand this and support China’s relevant practices. ‘This letter stated that since Hong Kong was returned to China 23 years ago, the Hong Kong SSR has not discharged its constitutional obligation for national security in line with China’s constitutional and fundamental law.’

Millions of people are protesting against China in Hong Kong

It states, “Hong Kong’s law system has obvious flaws and lacks a system to implement it. In Hong Kong, opposing elements have joined hands with external elements to carry out separatism, sabotage, infiltration and subversive activity towards China’s mainland. The overthrow of the Amendment Bill in Hong Kong last year severely damaged SSR’s rule of law, its stability, and devastated the economy and livelihood of the people. ‘Over the past year, millions of people have been protesting in Hong Kong demanding more autonomy and less interference from China.’


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