China Said It won’t Accept Any US Lawsuit on COVID-19, Warns of Retaliation

Beijing : China has said on Thursday that it will not accept any illegal prosecution or demand for compensation by the US over the coronavirus epidemic. China has warned America that retaliation will be taken if it passes a law or makes a law to hold China responsible for the deadly virus.

Chinese Parliament – National People’s Congress – spokesperson Zhang Yessui also denied allegations that the virus originated from Wuhan in a media briefing ahead of Friday’s annual session. He told that the recent report said corona virus had already reached in various parts of the world before it reached China.

Asked about the US filing a lawsuit against China and seeking compensation, Zhang said that the allegations are completely baseless and we are responding to them through international law and ground rules that regulate international relations.

He said that we will strongly oppose him and we will see how his action will proceed then we will retaliate accordingly. He said that trying to blame others for diverting attention from their problems is not a responsible thing. It is also not ethical. For China, we will not accept unfair litigation or compensation demands.

He also reiterated that China is working with complete transparency and sharing essential information such as the Genome sequence with the World Health Organization and other countries. This is the truth and truth is always true. He said that we will not accept any charge or attack.

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