BREAKING NEWS : PM Modi Announces Aid of Rs 1000 Crore for Cyclone-Hit Bengal After Aerial Survey

Kolkata : In West Bengal, due to cyclonic storm Amphan, there has been a huge devastation. This is the most terrible storm here in the last 283 years. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday conducted an aerial survey of the affected areas. After conducting the survey, PM Modi has announced an initial help of Rs 1000 crore for West Bengal, in addition, soon a center team will come to the state and do a detailed survey.

After an aerial survey, PM Modi said that when there already is a crisis of coronavirus in the country, the storm affected the eastern region. PM Modi said that both the state and the central government had made preparations for this storm, but despite this we have not been able to save the lives of 80 people. Due to this storm, there has been a lot of property damage, in which houses have been destroyed and infrastructure has suffered big losses.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced an initial financial assistance of Rs 1000 crore, besides compensation for the families of the deceased. PM Modi has announced a compensation of Rs 2 lakh to the families of the deceased. Apart from this, 50 thousand rupees will be provided to the injured.

As of Friday morning, 80 people have died due to the storm of Amphan in West Bengal. The state is estimated to suffer a loss of around Rs 1 lakh crore.






Amidst the Coronavirus crisis, PM Modi is on a tour outside Delhi for the first time after 83 days. Significantly, the nationwide lockdown was implemented on 25 March to put a brake on the speed of outbreak of Corona infection in the country.

After that PM Modi attended many programs but did not go out of Delhi. A few days before the lockdown, PM Modi had not been outside Delhi.






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