VIDEO : Amphan Reached Bangladesh Causing havoc, Many Houses Collapsed, Electric Supply Disrupted

Dhaka : Cyclonic storm Amphan reached Bangladesh on Wednesday evening, wreaking havoc in Odisha and Bengal, India. Due to this storm, electric wires were broken in the coastal areas of Bangladesh, the poles fell and the electricity supply of more than 1 million consumers came to a standstill. Many houses have also been damaged in this cyclone and one person has died. Cyclone Amphan is the most severe cyclone in nearly two decades in the region.

The most dangerous cyclone after 2007

Before the cyclone approached the coastal region of the country, officials had put the level of alert for some districts at ‘greater danger’. It is considered to be the most severe cyclone in the country after Cyclone ‘Sidr’ in 2007. 3,500 people died in the country due to ‘Sidr’. Due to this storm, electricity supply of more than 1 million consumers of at least 17 associations of Rural Electricity Board has been disrupted. Apart from this, the electricity supply of about 40 thousand consumers of the West Zone Power Distribution Company has also been disrupted.

The cyclone collided between Digha in West Bengal and Hatia Island in Bangladesh at 2.30 pm. Due to this, weak buildings in the area collapsed, trees and electric poles were uprooted. The news portal quoted meteorologist Abdul Mannan as saying, ‘the cyclone Amphan began to pass through Bangladesh coast at around 5 pm on Wednesday. During this time, winds ranged from 160 to 180 kilometers per hour, with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour in its center. The storm also wreaked havoc in Bengal and Odisha.’

Earlier in the day, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on Wednesday that more than 20 lakh people have been sent to safe places in view of the severe cyclone Amphan in the country and the army has been deployed to deal with incidents related to this natural disaster. is. At the same time, the officials said that in Patuakhali, the tide broke the embankment and washed away about 740 houses. Officials said that after persuading people to explain the intensity of Amphan, they agreed to leave their houses situated in the risky area in the last few hours.

This is Bangladesh’s preparation to deal with the storm
According to reports, the Bangladesh Navy has deployed 25 boats as part of a three-pronged effort to carry out emergency relief, rescue and medical operations. Two maritime patrol aircraft and two helicopters have also been kept ready for search operations in the Bay of Bengal and coastal districts. The army has prepared 18,400 packets of relief material and formed 71 medical teams. As well as 145 disaster management teams with specialized equipment are also deployed. The Air Force will assess potential damage with medical, relief and rescue efforts using 6 transport aircraft and 22 helicopters.


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