SP Leader & His Son Shot Dead in Sambhal, UP; Live Video

Lucknow : Samajwadi Party leader and his son were shot dead in broad daylight in Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh. This murder has been done on a dispute about a road being built in the village. Live video of this murder incident is also captured on camera. The accused escaped after attacking.

The case is of Bahjoi police station area of Sambhal district. In the village of Samsoi, there was a dispute between the two parties regarding the road. The SP leader’s wife is Gram Pradhan. The work of constructing a road is going on in the village, which was opposed by some people. This controversy increased so much that the matter became uncontollable. During this, SP leader Chhote Lal Diwakar and his son who were present on the spot were shot.

When the accused were firing, a lot of people were present there. People shot video of this incident on mobile. In this video, the accused are clearly seen attacking on SP leader and his son. At present, the police have detained some people, but the main accused of murder is still out of the grip of the police.

SP leader has also been a candidate in Chhote Lal assembly election. The wife is currently the village head. High officials of the district also reached the spot and took control on situation. The family members of the SP leader have accused the police of negligence. The family alleges that the police was informed but reached the spot late. Presently, PAC has been deployed in view of the tense atmosphere in the village.

SP Accuses Yogi Government
The Samajwadi Party has reacted strongly to this incident. The party tweeted and said, ‘BJP’s power-protected goons are attacking those raising public voice! The tragic murder of Sambhal’s Dalit leader and former SP Assembly candidate from Chandausi, Mr. Chhote Lal Diwakar and his son! Condolences to family, Arrest the killers, justice should be given!’

The party has also tweeted a video of the incident –

In the video, there is a lot of discord between the SP leader and the accused who are firing. A large number of people are present nearby. This incident is from the same place where there is a dispute about the road is going on. It is seen in the video that two people are holding rifles in their hands. Some people explained to them after which they move forward. In due course, both of them turn towards the SP and his son and fired .After the firing, there was an atmosphere of chaos. Accused shot and killed the SP leader and his son in the presence of the mob.

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