Oops! Man Left Camera on and Caught Naked During Video Conferencing with the President

Brasília : The lockdown continues in most countries of the world these days due to coronavirus infection. For this reason, zoom app is being used for important meetings from government offices to private companies. But through this app, during a meeting with the President in Brazil, the officials faced embarrassing situation.

In fact, during the President’s meeting in Brazil on the Zoom app, an embarrassing situation occurred when a man forgot to turn off his video feed and became nude in front of the camera. During that time the meeting was still going on with other people.At the time when the man was seen as naked, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was meeting with at least 10 others about the impact of the lockdown.

After a few seconds, Paulo Geddes, the chief officer of the Department of Industries, realized what was really going on in the video. He noticed that during the live video, an employee attending the meeting was bathing nakedly in the shower.

After the meeting, a picture of this incident went viral on social media. However, the person’s name has not been taken in the local media.

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