Kriti Sanon is Gaining Weight for ‘Mimi’, Eating Halwa-Puri

Mumbai : Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon is currently gaining weight for her role in ‘Mimi’. During this time, she is eating so much food and fulfilling all her cravings. Kriti has so far managed to increase her weight by 15 kg for the role in the film. Kriti said, “We have to shoot pregnancy scenes and Laxman sir was very clear that weight gain is necessary for those scenes because he does not want this character to look artificial.”

He said, “I know this is a challenge for me. I know that I need to increase my calories even more, so I completely stopped doing workouts, even yoga. I eat breakfast every morning. – I eat pudding, sweets, gram, etc. Initially I used to like it very much, but after some time my mind has completely shifted from eating.

‘Mimi’ is the story of a young actress who was a dancer from Mandawa and how she becomes a surrogate for a couple. The film is directed by Laxman Utekar.

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