Even Taliban Shuns Pakistan; ‘Kashmir is India’s Internal Issue, We Can’t Do Anything’

Kabul : Ever since India started reporting the weather of PoK season, Pakistan PM Imran Khan has lost sleep. Imran Khan is afraid of ‘surgical strike’ or ‘air strike’ by India. Since then Pakistan has been seeking help from all over the world. Pakistan is also badly affected by the Corona infection but Imran Khan is spending his time spreading anti-India propaganda.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has suffered a major setback from the Taliban. The Taliban on Monday has clarified that it is not part of the Pakistan-backed terrorist operation in Kashmir. Taliban political wing spokesman Suhail Shaheen made it clear in a tweet that Kashmir is India’s internal issue and Taliban does not interfere in other countries’ internal issues. Through this statement, the Taliban made it clear that they are not part of the ‘alleged Jihad’ movement in Kashmir.

Taliban spokesman Suhail’s tweet –
“It has been the policy of the Islamic Emirate (Taliban) that it never interferes with the internal affairs of a country.” After which Pak is upset. Suhail is the spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which works as the political wing of the Taliban.

Earlier, the Government of Afghanistan said that India is one of the countries with significant contribution in rebuilding the war-torn country and helping in the peace process. Foreign Ministry spokesman Gran Hewad said that Afghanistan’s relationship with India is based on international norms and mutual respect. He said this on the allegation that India has been playing a negative role in Afghanistan for a long time. He said, ‘India is one of the important donor countries and has helped in the development and reconstruction areas of Afghanistan. We hope that India and other neighboring countries will play an important role in the peace process in Afghanistan.’

On Monday, Afghanistan’s acting foreign minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar interacted with Foreign Minister S Jaishankar through a video conference. Both sides discussed mutual interests and economic peace process, including economic and security cooperation.

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