Your Guide to the Most Widely Used Medical-Related Emojis

In our world, where almost everything is fast-paced and digital, emojis serve a practical purpose. In fact, many people consider emoji as a new language, and we can notice its popularity on the internet. Generally, we use emojis as expressions while chatting with our friends or posting something on social media. 


Digital marketers have been using emojis to get hip and to better communicate with their target audience. Even medical professionals are embracing emojis to provide health education to many people, support health advocacies, and call for an action to make a better and healthier society. 


If you’re not familiar with the common emojis used in the medical field, you better read this blog post to learn about them. 

Blood Type Emoji

For people to be aware of their blood type and to encourage blood donation, the Unicode Consortium has added emojis that represent the different human blood types. For instance, if you have a blood type B and want to tell people about it on social media, you can use the b emoji, which displays the letter B on a red background. 


You can also find emojis for the blood type A, AB, and O with the corresponding letter/s displayed on the same red backdrop. 

Dead Lungs Emoji

Health experts use the Dead Lungs Emoji to increase awareness of respiratory problems or diseases, such as tuberculosis or lung cancer. This emoji displays the image of two unhealthy lungs with faces and dead eyes. 

Medical Mask Emoji

Amidst the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we now have seen a significant increase in the use of the Medical Mask Emoji. As we all know, wearing a medical mask is vital to check the spread of this deadly virus. 


Health professionals and people who are very concerned about this pandemic tell people to wear face masks by using this emoji on their social media posts. 

Microbe Emoji

Another emoji that became popular since the onset of the Covid-19 is the Microbe Emoji. This emoji represents an image of a green-colored microbe, and people use it to warn people about the novel coronavirus. 

Sneezing Emoji

The Sneezing Emoji is a form of digital expression to show that you have a cold or flu. You can tell your loved ones and other people about your health situation by using this emoji on your texts, chats, and social media posts. 

Mosquito Emoji

The Mosquito Emoji shows an image of a bloodsucking mosquito with six wings and needle-shaped mouth (in some platforms, the needle-shaped mouth has blood dripping from it). This emoji is often used to encourage everyone to be aware of mosquito-related diseases, such as dengue and malaria. 

Breastfeeding Emoji

Breastfeeding is essential to a newborn child’s nourishment. But this act of natural love from a mother to her child is often ridiculed or given malicious intent, especially when done in public spaces. 


To prevent such stereotypes, people around the world have united to educate people about the importance of breastfeeding. In social media, they use the Breastfeeding Emoji in support of mothers who need to breastfeed their child when necessity calls it. 

Pill Emoji

The Pill Emoji, which shows an image of a medicine capsule (half yellow, half red), came out in 2015. It’s often used to represent different types of drugs and medical-related matters. You can use this emoji to tell people that you’re on medication or to advise people who are sick to take the appropriate medicine. 

Hospital Emoji

The Hospital Emoji is included in the places emojis. It shows a building with the hospital sign (+). Doctors and health professionals can tell people that they’re on duty, and everyday folks can use it to inform their families and friends that they’re in the hospital. 

Doctor Emoji

The doctor emoji has two types representing either the male or female gender. Doctors can use it on their social media profiles to show or take pride in their medical profession. Ordinary people can also use this emoji if they’re seeing a doctor for a medical check-up. 


Now you know the most widely used medical-related emojis. If you want to express something about health or medical matters in a text, chat, or post, you can access those emojis to communicate your message clearly.  


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