Paresh Rawal Tweets ‘Atleast Now People Won’t Dare to Ask or Bother for Selfie’, Users Said, ‘We Made You a Star…’


Mumbai : The nationwide lockdown has been announced due to Coronavirus. More than 85 thousand people have been affected by this virus in India, out of which more than 2500 people have also died. At this time, the government is appealing to people to stay at home. Bollywood celebrities are also staying at home, spending time with family and making fans aware of the coronavirus and appealing to stay home. Meanwhile, Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal has made a tweet, after which he has got trolled.

Paresh Rawal tweeted-‘Atleast for some time people will not dare ask or bother for Selfie’ Users did not like Paresh Rawal’s tweet and started expressing their anger.

Paresh Rawal had also tweeted during the lockdown announcement that went viral. He wrote – The Hindi name of Social Distancing has been found. In Hindi it is called ‘Tan Doori’.

Due to Corona virus, the fourth lockdown is going to start from May 18. Many changes will be made in this lockdow.

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