Home Ministry Instructs States to Give Food, Shelter & Tickets in Special Trains to Migrant Laborers

New Delhi : The central government has asked the state and union territories to provide food and shelter to migrant laborers upon seeing them on roads and railway tracks and ensure that they can board special trains to their destination. In a letter to all state governments and Union Territory Administration, Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla said that migrant laborers are still seen moving on roads, railway tracks and trucks in different parts of the country.

He said that states and Union Territories were advised earlier that if migrant laborers are seen walking on the road, they should explain them and provide them food and water and bring them to nearby shelters until they get a special train or bus. Bhalla said that the government has allowed the migrant laborers to travel in special trains and buses so that they can reach their home.


He said, “Now it is the responsibility of all the states and union territoriesto arrange the travel for migrant laborers who want to go to their state.” He said that in coordination with the states and union territories, the Railway Ministry is running more than a hundred special trains. Along with this, additional trains are also being run when needed. Bhalla said, “I urge you to ensure that no migrant laborers should now be found on the roads and railway tracks and they are boarded in special buses or laborers special trains.

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