UP Roadways Bus Crushes Migrant Workers Walking on the Road, 6 Dead

Shaharanpur : In Uttar Pradesh, near the border of Muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur districts, a painful accident occurred late last night. Here in the middle of the night, the roadways bus crushed the migrant workers returning home on foot. 6 laborers died tragically in this accident. At the same time, 4 workers were seriously injured. All the seriously injured laborers have been rushed to Meerut Medical Hospital.

According to police, the incident occurred late last night. When the balance of the roadways bus deteriorated. The bus hit the migrant workers going home and crushed them. Police have taken the driver, including the roadways bus, into custody after the incident. All the workers were coming from Saharanpur and they had to go to their state Bihar and they left at night on foot.

2 killed in Kanpur accident

A mini truck filled with migrant workers collided with another truck parked on the highway on the Kanpur highway. After the incident there was a scream on the highway. The accident was so tragic that two people died in the collision. The dead also include an innocent child. At the same time, about 60 workers are said to be serious. The condition of many laborers is said to be critical. According to police, a truck full of migrant laborers crashed on the highway here. 2 people died in this accident. At the same time, there is also news of many workers being injured in this accident. The accident occurred on the Kanpur Jhansi highway. Due to this accident, the highway has been jammed. The incident is of the National Highway near the district headquarters of Akbarpur Kotwali area. All these workers were going from Ahmedabad to Balrampur in UP.

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