Five Epidemics Have Come Out From China in Last 20 Years, Now It Has to be Stopped : US NSA

New York : The conflict between the US and China, two powerful countries of the world, continues with the Coronavirus. Meanwhile, US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said that in the last twenty years, there have been five epidemics from China and it has to be stopped at some point.

He blamed China for the coronavirus epidemic that killed 2,90,000 people worldwide. O’Brien told reporters at the White House on Tuesday that people from all over the world would stand up and tell the Chinese government that we would not tolerate these epidemics emanating from China, whether they were coming from animal markets or from laboratories.

He said that we are aware that the corona virus epidemic originated from Wuhan and there is circumstantial evidence suggesting that it originated from a laboratory or animal market. The NSA said that in the last 20 years, five epidemics have emerged from China. SARS, swain flu, swine flu and now COVID-19. How can the world live with such a terrible condition of public health that started from China and then spread throughout the world.

He did not say which is the fifth epidemic from China. O’Brien said that it has to be stopped somewhere. We proposed to send health professionals to China for help which they declined.

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