PM Modi in a Meeting With CMs – ‘Crisis will Increase if Social Distancing Not Followed Properly’

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi is again talking to the Chief Ministers of the states on the issue of the fight against the Coronavirus epidemic. Home Minister Amit Shah was the first to address the meeting.

In a marathon meeting with the Chief Ministers, which started at 3 pm, regarding the strategy and lockdown to deal with the Coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said through video conferencing that ‘India has been very successful in protecting itself from this crisis.’ However, he advised the Chief Ministers to be vigilant and said that the crisis will increase if social distancing not followed properly.


According to information received from sources, PM Modi told the Chief Ministers that ‘Guidelines will be set according to the suggestions given by all of you.’ He said that ‘All the states are working together and the states have fulfilled their responsibilities. The Cabinet Secretary is in constant touch with the Secretary of States. He said that we should focus more and increase our activity, the crisis will increase if discipline of social distancing looses.’

PM Modi told the Chief Ministers that we should move ahead with a balanced strategy and work on what are the challenges in this path. How we are implementing the lockdown has been a big topic, we all played an important role. Pointing to the workers, PM Modi said that our efforts should be that everyone should stay where they are, but there is a human mind and we also have to change some decisions. He said that this crisis should not reach the village, it is now a big challenge.

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