Coronavirus Cases Exceeds 16 Thousand in Maharashtra, 651 Deaths So Far

Mumbai : The total number of positive cases of coronavirus in Maharashtra crossed 16 thousand on Wednesday. There were 1233 new positive cases of infection in the state, with the total number of coronavirus cases reaching 16758. This information was given by the State Health Department by releasing a media bulletin. According to the Health Department, 34 more people died in the state on Wednesday, with the total number of people dying in the state being 651.

According to the data released by the Health Department, 275 patients of the coronavirus were discharged from the hospital after recovering on Wednesday in the state. With the discharge of these patients, the number of such people in the state has crossed 3 thousand. Till Wednesday evening, a total of 3094 people in the state were discharged from the hospital after being declared free of infection. Earlier 354 people were discharged on Tuesday and 350 on Monday.

The media bulletin said that of the 34 people who died of infection on Wednesday, 21 were men and 13 women. Most of these deaths occurred in Mumbai. 25 out of 34 deaths occurred only in Mumbai. Apart from this, 3 people died in Pune, 3 in Akola City, 1 in Jalgaon and 1 in Solapur. In Mumbai alone, a total of 412 people have died so far and if we talk about the entire Thane division, a total of 441 people have died here so far.

Maharashtra got its first case of coronavirus for the first time on 9 March, after which the cases of infection in the state increased every day and now Maharashtra has become the most affected state in the country. After 9 March, the coronavirus positive cases started appearing in the state continuously. But then 15 days later on 25 March, there was some relief news from the state. For the first time here on March 25, two corona patients were discharged in Pune as healthy.

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