Girls are Not Behind! Now, After ‘Boys Locker Room’, Chat of ‘Girls Locker Room’ Viral, Demand of Legal Action

New Delhi : After the ‘Boys Locker Room’, now the allegedly ‘Girls Locker Room’ chat is going viral on social media, on which many people are raising questions. #Girlslockeroom is trending top on Twitter.

In the Instagram chat group, which was being called ‘Boys’ Locker Room’, the Delhi Police took strict action on discussing the conspiracy of gangrape and the accused boy was also arrested. In such a situation, now people are demanding action against such girls after the ‘Girls Locker Room’ chat surfaced through Twitter.

In the chat which is allegedly going viral on the social media of the girls’ locker room, girls are seen making obscene comments about the private parts of the boys.

It is being alleged on social media that this group chat is allegedly conducted by some women only for girls. In this ‘Girls Locker Room’, allegedly derogatory talks are made about men.

One person has allegedly posted some screenshots of the chat groups on social media, where the girls were talking obscenely about men. The group chat screenshots of women allegedly contain only objectionable pictures of men.

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