“Bois Locker Room” Admin is a Class 12 Student, Arrested by Delhi Police

New Delhi : The admin of the Bois Locker Room Instagram group has been arrested. The Cybercrime Unit of the Delhi Police on Wednesday nabbed the person running the offensive Instagram group. However, till now the police have not revealed the identity of the accused.

A Class 12 student, above 18, was the admin of “Bois Locker Room”, an Instagram group on which obscene messages and morphed photos of underage girls were shared. The teen studies in a Noida school and sat for the Class 12 exams this year.
Fifteen more students of prominent Delhi schools have been questioned and their phones have been seized. The police have identified 27 members of the group – some were underage and some 18 and older.

Delhi Police said that the cyber-crime unit has sought information about the alleged group and its members from Instagram. Currently waiting to get the report from Instagram. While the devices of the identified members of the group have been confiscated and sent for forensic investigation. The role of other members of the group is being explored. Bois Locker Room – in this Instagram group, young boys of Delhi were talking about gang rape, action is being demanded on Twitter.

Earlier, the Delhi Police on Monday questioned a minor in custody for making indecent comments on minor school girls by forming a group called ‘Bois Locker Room’. According to a police officer, some people in this online group shared pictures of minor girls and then talked about illegal acts like rape.





“We have asked Instagram to share details of the members and administrators of the said group, including their names, IP addresses, etc.,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of Cybercrime Anish Roy told IANS over phone.

Most of the members of this group are minor students studying in the school. While some members are more than 18 years of age. The detained student has given the information of the remaining members of the group to the police. On the basis of which further students can be questioned.

It is noteworthy that a girl from South Delhi exposed this abusive game going on in the Boys’ Locker Room. She shared screenshots of this Instagram group chat on her Twitter handle. In which boys studying in South Delhi school were caught making objectionable talk about minor girls. Along with this, it was also being instigated to do Gang Rape. After the controversy escalated, Delhi Police’s cyber cell filed an FIR under sections 465, 471, 469 and 509 of the IPC.

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