Boys Locker Room : Delhi Boys’ Rape Chat Planning Viral

New Delhi : A Twitter user tweeted about an Instagram chat group named ‘Boy’s Locker Room’ on 3 May. In this tweet, the user said that there are hundreds of South Delhi boys in the Instagram group, who allegedly share photos of minor girls. The user said that the girls in the group are objectified and ‘gang-rape’ is planned.

A South Delhi girl shared a screenshot of the chat group on Twitter and wrote, “This Instagram group of 17-18 year old South Delhi boys share pictures of girls of their own age. Two boys from my school are the part of this group. Me and my friends are scared and my mother wants me to leave Instagram.”

Allegedly, boys studying in class 11 and 12 share morphed photos of minor girls on this group. Makes lewd comments about girls, does body and slut shaming.

The screenshot shared on Twitter shows that the boys have also made many comments about the rape. Such as – ‘We can rape her easily’ and ‘Wherever you say I will come. We will gang rape her ‘.

The Uttar Pradesh police told Quint that they were waiting for the parents to make a formal complaint. Therefore, no case has been registered yet.

Taking cognizance of this case, the Cybercrime Cell of Delhi Police has started investigation. A case has been registered based on social media reports. Morphing photos and sharing photos of private part of people can be a violation of section 66E of IT Act and section 354C of IPC.

The group members have allegedly changed their usernames after the screenshot went viral. Meanwhile, another Instagram page ‘Boy’s Locker Room 2.0’ was also created.

In December 2019, a top rank school in Mumbai suspended 8 boys aged 13-14. These boys made violent and sexual comments about their female classmates on a WhatsApp group.

According to a media report, above 100 pages of chat shows that the boys were body shaming and the words ‘rape’, ‘gang bang’ were also used.

During the entire chat, the girls were reportedly addressed as ‘garbage’. When two girls refused to go to school, their mothers talked to the school administration and the matter came to light.

Many Twitter users called for action against these boys, clearly describing the ‘Boy’s Locker Room’ chat as sexual harassment. He said that behavior stems from that toxic masculinity, which is hidden in the phrase ‘boyswill remain boys ‘.

Delhi Women’s Commission sent notice to Instagram
Delhi Women’s Commission chairperson Swati Maliwal has issued a notice to the Delhi Police and Instagram in this matter. Maliwal wrote on Twitter that this act is evidence of a disgusting, criminal and rapist mentality.

Women’s Congress blamed central government
The Women’s Congress has blamed the central government for this whole case, because this case is from Delhi. The Mahila Congress also called it sexual harassment and said that cyber-crime against women has increased in lockdown.

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