Sunny Leone Chopped-Off Her Finger While Making Cooking Video for Fans!

Mumbai : Bollywood actress Sunny Leone recently uploaded a video with her husband Daniel Webber to scar him, though Danielle later found out the truth.

Sunny has shared the same prank video on Instagram. In this, Sunny is seen screaming loudly for help by falsely chopping her finger in the kitchen with a knife. Daniel rushes over to hear her screams and tries to help her. Sunny has used fake blood to make this prank look real. However, on Sunny repeatedly seeing her phone, Daniel’s eyes also turn to this and he realizes that it is just a prank.

When Sunny asked him how much he enjoyed the prank, Daniel said, “Usually I’m a serious kind of guy. That’s my personality. I don’t really like things like prank that much.To others and of course, I hate to do this to myself, so if you want me to assess your prank, then I think it’s zero because I didn’t like prank.”

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