Increase in the Prices of Oil, Pulses, Potatoes, Tomatoes & Many Other Things During Lockdown, a Big Blow to Common Man!

New Delhi : When the lockdown was announced to prevent infection spread of Coronavirus, grocery stores in densely populated areas were almost empty. All the people stocked the goods. Meanwhile, the common man has suffered a big setback. According to the report of the IGIDR (Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research), during the 28 days of lockdown many things have become expensive. Which includes different things including pulses, oil, tomatoes, potatoes.

According to the IGIDR report, the price of many pulses has increased by about 6% on average in the month before lockdown. Most edible oils have become 3.5% costlier. Potato prices have risen by 15% and tomatoes by 28%. Prices have gone up in smaller cities. Retail food prices have increased by up to 20 per cent in some small cities. Most pulses and edible oil are grown. According to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the price of Toor Dal in Delhi was Rs 93 per kg before the lockdown. It was recorded at Rs 106 per kg on 28 April.

– The price of gram dal has increased from Rs 72 per kg to Rs 86 per kg.

– Lentils have increased from Rs 71 per kg to Rs 81 per kg.

– The price of mustard oil has increased from Rs 124 per kg to Rs 132 per kg.

– The price of soy oil has increased from Rs 111 per kg to Rs 121 per kg.

According to a report, markets in urban areas have messed due to the lockdown. Despite the guidelines for exemption from lockdown, procurement and transportation of essential commodities are not getting that much exemption. Due to which inflation has also increased.

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