COVID-19 : Now Children Falls Victims to Corona, Scientists Observed New Symptoms

New Delhi : Coronavirus has caused outrage all over the world. Thousands are dying every day in the country and abroad. In the US, there have been more than 2500 deaths in the last 24 hours. With this, the death toll has reached beyond 60 thousand. In India, so far 1,079 people have died from Corona here. 33,062 people have been found Corona positive. In which 8,437 people have been cured.

According to a report, now. children around the world are being the victims of corona. About 100 such cases have been reported in about 6 countries of the world. This has been confirmed by doctors in Britain, France, America, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Doctors are working to investigate the disease with new symptoms of infection.

New types of symptoms of Corona
It causes burning sensation in the skin of children. Doctors in many parts of the world have caught this new symptom of disease. Britain’s NHS first issued an alert about this. Many children were admitted to the UK hospitals in the ICU. Blood vessels are affected. Additionally, the disease also affects the heart and other organs. So far 19 children have been admitted to the hospital in the UK. However, no one has died.

Similarly, French Prime Minister Olivier Veran has said that about a dozen children have been admitted to hospitals in his country. They all have complained of burning sensation around the chest. However, the PM said that it is difficult to say that it is related to the Coronavirus.

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