Coronavirus : Recovery Rate Increased in India, But Worst Condition in Pune

Pune : While the proportion of recovery from corona infection is increasing in the country, Pune is in the worst condition. The recovery rate of the country has increased from 19 percent to 22.57 percent in the last three days. In 23 tests in the country one patient is getting corona positive and corona patients are being doubled in 10 days. The situation in Pune district of Maharashtra remains serious. On the basis of a report sent by the IMCT team, the Health Ministry has expressed concern that one out of 9 people in Pune are getting corona positive in the investigation. In Pune, patients are doubling in 7 days.

According to the Ministry of Health, there are 28,380 corona positive cases confirmed in the country till Monday. 6361 people have been cured and 886 people have died from the epidemic so far. The number of corona positive patients in Maharashtra has reached more than 8 thousand.

Punya Salila Srivastava, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, said that the IMCT team consists of senior health personnel, IAS officers and top officials of disaster management. These teams have been sent to all cities. Based on the report of these IMCT team, this report will be helpful in preventing corona infection to other states.

The Inter Ministerial Central Team (IMCT) has called the Pune trend a concern. The IMCT has said that slums, lockdown protocols and social distancing are not being followed in the markets, it should be strictly enforced. Surveillance should be increased and quarantine should be implemented.

IMCT has said that vegetable fruit vendors, shopkeepers, doctors and policemen are found Corona positive in Pune. This is very worrying because these people have to meet many people and due to this, the chances of infection increases.

It is very important to make them aware to ensure adherence to protocol among these people. So that people do not inadvertently become corona carriers. For this, the team has also asked the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the Home Minister to give suggestions by doing a video conference. Apart from here, the IMCT team, which has gone to Jaipur, has also told people to follow the rules of social distancing and lockdown due to the spread of corona infection there. Which has been advised to be strictly followed.

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