Wife Defeated in Ludo, Angry Husband Broke Her Spinal Cord

Baroda : Lockdown is in force in the country to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. During this time people are spending their time playing online games. However, cases of domestic violence have also increased by 95 per cent. The latest incident has come to light in Baroda, Gujarat, where a wife defeated her husband in the game of online Ludo, there was a fierce fight between the two. During that time, the fight escalated to the extent that the husband broke the spinal cord by beating the wife and after that, the wife was taken to the hospital.

A 24-year-old woman hailing from Baroda beat her husband in Ludo three to four times in a row. Counselor of 181 Abhayam Helpline said that the woman teaches tuition in her home to run a family. She asked her husband to play Ludo online to stay indoors and spend time during the lockdown.

After continuous defeat in Ludo, there was a fight between husband and wife. After this, the husband started beating her. The counselor said, “The husband’s ego may have been hurt after losing in game from his wife.”

The woman’s husband works in a private electronic company. At the same time, the woman herself has done a beautician course and teaches tuition to children. After the assault, the husband apologized to the wife, after which she refused to lodge a police complaint.

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