Humans Be Ready for More Deadly Epidemic than Corona, Warns UN Chief

New Delhi : Coronavirus has infected people all over the world. So far more than 2 lakh people have died due to this virus. Nearly 29 lakh people are suffering. At the same time, the world economy is falling. This virus forced a superpower like America to kneel down. More than 50000 people have died in America alone. If you are believing that there is nothing worse in the world due to corona global epidemic then you are wrong. According to United Nations Environment Chief Inger Anderson, humans should be prepared for more terrible epidemic than Corona.

What does the UN chief of environment say
Inger Anderson said that humanity is putting a lot of pressure on the natural world. The coronavirus epidemic is resulting in demolition. The world’s leading scientists have called the destruction of nature and its resources very dangerous. If humans still do not stop then nature will show even more terrible form than corona.

Scientists believe that in the form of a coronavirus pandemic, the Earth is giving a clear warning to humans and has warned about inadvertent behavior of humans towards nature.They believe that if the fast-growing interference of humans between forests and wildlife does not stop, then humans will have to be prepared for more deadly epidemic than corona in future. Experts working for the environment believe that livestock markets should be closed around the world. Markets of live animals should be banned. Environment experts believe that nature is repeatedly warning humans, but now if humans are not conscious then we will have to bear the brunt of natural disasters. He said that nature is trying to warn us again and again with all the incidents like fire in the forests, record breaking of heat day by day.

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