Lockdown May Extend Till June in Mumbai & Pune ! A Big Dilemma for the State Government

Mumbai : Lockdown has been implemented in the country these days. In such a situation, the government has taken a big decision, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs has issued an order on Friday, with some conditions, decided to allow shops to open in the markets from Saturday. In its order, the Home Ministry made it clear that this order is for the green zone areas. In areas that have been declared hotspots (in Corona-infected areas), these orders will not apply.

If we talk about Maharashtra, then it has the highest number of corona patients. Currently, the number of Corona positive in Maharashtra is 6,817. While more than 300 people have died. Coronavirus cases continue to be reported in Mumbai, Pune. From which it seems that the Maharashtra government can further increase the lockdown. The number of patients are increasing in Mumbai and Pune as well as nearby cities. A government official said the state government is expected to extend the lockdown by June. There is no question of removing the lockdown in the MMR area of Mumbai and Pune. The number of patients in these cities is increasing in large numbers. Security needs to be tightened here. The official said that the ban on local trains, buses, shops and establishments will remain in force till the end of June.

The increasing number of patients is becoming a headache for the Maharashtra government, which is becoming a hindrance to the beginning of the economic cycle. Mumbai and Pune are the two main sources of income in the state. In Mumbai alone, the number of corona patients has increased to 5,000, with an average of 200 patients a day. On Thursday, 104 new corona patients were found in the Pune region. This has increased the government’s concern. According to the information, milk and vegetables are being given only two days a week in Pune. The Central Committee has suggested setting up of a large number of quarantine facilities in Pune by the end of May.

Meanwhile, 983 containment areas have been declared in Mumbai. More than half of these areas are in slums. Corona patients are also increasing in other parts of the state. So far hundreds of patients have been found in Malegaon, Nashik. In Nagpur too, this number has increased to 100.

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