Robots are Now Supervising ‘Corona Patients’ in AIIMS, Doctors will Remain Safe

New Delhi : Coronavirus cases are continuously increasing in India. Total cases here now increased to 23,039. While 721 people have died. The situation is gradually becoming serious. The biggest concern is that the doctors treating Corona patients are also getting infected by it. Many have lost their lives. In view of this crisis, the country’s largest hospital AIIMS is using robots to care for corona patients. Doctors will also be protected by this.

What is unique about robots –
A robot has also been deployed in the Corona ward of AIIMS. The special thing about this robot is that it can not only monitor the corona victim but it can be run from any country of the world through internet. Not only this, the robot also dances with the doctors to reduce their stress.

According to the information, only one company in the country made this robot for use in the hotel, but due to the corona epidemic, it was partially modified to use it by doctors. Now many private hospitals have expressed willingness to use it.

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