‘India’ may have 111 Crore ‘Corona Patients’ by ‘September 2020’ : Report

New Delhi : Coronavirus cases are continuously increasing in India. In the last 24 hours, a total of 1229 new patients of coronavirus have been reported and 34 patients have died. The total number of cases increased to 23,039 after new patients appeared. Of these cases, 17,306 are active cases, 5,012 patients have been cured and 721 people have died. The situation is gradually becoming critical. Meanwhile, a surprising report has come out which states that by September 2020, the number of corona patients in India will be 111 crore.

In fact, in a report released by the US-based Center for Diseases, Dynamics and Economic Policy (CDDEP) on 20 April last, the total corona infected patients in India could reach 111 crore by September 2020. Even with strict lockdown, continuous social distancing and isolation, this number will remain intact, this number will remain, as the estimated figures mentioned in the report are an average of 55–138 million expected. The report states that this estimate is based on the latest available data, but seeing the change in the SARS-CoV-2 virus, these estimates still have some uncertainty.

According to the report, a large population of India may be infected. The study further said, ‘it was also noted that many countries such as China, Italy, the US, the UK and Spain showed a sudden explosion of cases after a long period of time, which indicates that many cases can come out as an explosion in India as well. On 24 March, the same institution had said in a similar report that India’s cases could be between 12-24 million.

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