Hospital Arranges Video Call for Corona Positive Mother & Her New Born, Baby Kept Starring at Mom (PICS)

Aurangabad : Coronavirus infection is spreading across the country, causing the death of 686 people, while 21,700 people are infected. It has caused the most devastation in Maharashtra, where cases of this deadly infection have increased to 5,652, while 269 people have died so far. However, a good news came last week from Aurangabad in Maharashtra that a newborn born from Corona infected mother’s womb was born. The staff arranged a video call between the same child and her mother in the hospital.

Both are in different wards

At Aurangabad Civil Hospital, the staff arranged a video call between the COVID-19 positive woman and her newborn baby. Some pictures of this have been viral, in which the baby can be seen staring her mom on phone screen. The woman and the newborn are kept in separate wards of the hospital. Aurangabad Civil Surgeon Dr. Sundar Kulkarni said that the child was born on April 18 through operation. The child was also feared to be infected due to her mother being coronavirus positive, but the relief is that the baby’s test came negative.

Three samples were taken from the child’s throat and all reports came negative on Sunday. Seeing the risk of infection, the child has not yet been sent to her mother. The baby is being fed the external milk. The baby is said to be healthy, whose weight at birth was 3.2 kg. It was said to be the first such case in Maharashtra that a healthy baby was born from infected mother.

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