Corona can be Cured by Giving Injection in Lungs, President Trump’s New Claim

Washington : America, the world’s largest super power, has succumbed to the coronavirus. Here, the death toll is not continuously increasing. In the US, 3176 people died in 24 hours from Corona. With this, the death toll has reached close to 50000. The situation there has become very frightening. Thousands of people are being killed every day. The death toll in America has shaken the world. The coronavirus has caused outrage all over the world.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has made a new claim about the recovery of corona. Trump says that the lungs of corona-infected individuals suffer the most damage, so if they are cleaned with an injection, it can be treated. According to a media report, Trump, speaking to reporters at the White House on Thursday, said that new research has revealed how the Coronavirus is changing at different temperatures, seasons and surfaces.

Trump’s New Claim –
During the conversation, Trump suddenly claimed- ‘…. I saw how the infected area in the lungs was cleaned. We can do something like that by giving an injection inside the lungs to clean all the internal infection. It can be something like cleaning. Because this virus affects the lungs most and it has caused the most deaths. We should find out about it, consult doctors about it, but this idea looks very good.’

Trump’s Claim is Being Mocked on Social Media –
It is being told that at the time when Trump was giving his theory, the White House Corona Task Force’s Coordinator Doctor Deborah Brix was also present there, although he did not respond to it. However, after this claim of Trump, he started being mocked on social media. Many people said that if this continues, Trump will want to kill the coronavirus with ultra violet rays in a few days.

Doctors Called Trump’s Claim False –
Many doctors have denied this claim of Trump. Professor Robert Raikh of the University of California has said that ‘Trumps is sharing wrong information which can prove to be very dangerous for the lives of common people’.

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