New Symptoms of Corona, Two Doctors’ Skin Color Turned Complete Black

Wuhan : Wuhan city of China is believed to be the center of the Coronavirus. At this time the whole world is suffering from the havoc of Coronavirus and more than one lakh people have lost their lives. In Wuhan city of China, where the epidemic started, now two doctors infected to Coronavirus have started turning black, due to which people is scared.

Both these doctors, while treating patients suffering from corona in China, themselves fell victim to infection. Both of the doctors who  were in grave danger situation were saved after treatment, but after the dangerous effect of the virus on the liver, their face turned black.

According to a report in The Daily Mail, both 42-year-old doctors Yi Fan and Dr. Hu Weifeng had fallen prey to the Coronavirus in January while treating patients at Wuhan Central Hospital.

The two doctors are colleagues of Li Wenliang, a whistle-blower of the Coronavirus in China, who was punished after disclosing the virus and died of the disease on 7 February.

Dr. Yi Fan worked as a cardiologist in Wuhan and after being on ventilator for 39 days, he won over the Coronavirus. The machine through which they were rescued is called ECMO. This machine helps the heart and lungs to work by pumping oxygen from outside the body into the blood.

Talking to the local TV channel CCTV on Monday, Dr. Yi said that he has recovered a lot and can go to bed normally, but is not able to walk. Dr. Yi told reporters, ‘When I first came to my senses, especially when I came to know about my situation, I got scared. I often had nightmares.’ He said that he is trying to overcome psychological problems. He said that doctors often used to comfort him and arrange counseling for him.

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