VIDEO : Priyanka Chopra’s Angry Reaction on Nick Jonas Dropping Utensils Caught During Insta Live 

Los Angeles : People all over the world are troubled due to Coronavirus epidemic. In such a situation, along with the general public, Bollywood, Hollywood and other film industry stars are also locked in their homes. Different celebrities are engaged in making the public aware with the help of social media. With this, they are also connected to the fans and are talking. Recently, Global Star Priyanka Chopra did a live on her Instagram.

In this, she gave a message while talking to the fans. However, Priyanka did not know that her husband Nick Jonas would come in the middle of her live.





Priyanka angry at Nick?
In the video, you will see that Priyanka Chopra is busy talking to the fans by looking at the camera. She is telling something very seriously. The video is inside Priyanka’s house. In this, you can see Nick Jonas going in background. Nick goes to kitchen and drops the utensil, whose voice is very loud and Priyanka suddenly goes silent in between her Insta live. Along with this, trouble and a little anger can also be seen on her face.





Fans are enjoying this video very much. Users have also made funny comments on the video. One user wrote, ‘I am hoping that these two would  not fight on this matter.’ The other wrote, ‘Wow, how did she handle herself? While I know she would want inside to kill him.”

Recently, Priyanka Chopra announced to help the children of Los Angeles. She had said that she will give headphones to the children for studies. Priyanka Chopra is currently living in Los Angeles with husband Nick Jonas and her pet dogs Gino and Diana.

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